Obra gráfica, seriada y numerada.

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    Collaborative work between Aleix Gordo Hostau and Joan Tarragó done for the Drakkar project in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016.The concept of "Drakkar" is based on two main features, the drakkar as the type of boat that provided the Scandinavian people to explore new regions throughout the known and the unknown world, the adventure, new knowledge, new...

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    The Spanish version of the famous English magazine "Don't Panic" produced in January 2008 a poster designed by me. I was the first Spanish artist to design a poster for them of such important artists as Bansky, Jeremyville, etc... The theme was "The End of the World" and the measures 42x59.5 cm. A total of 25,000 copies were distributed with the magazine...

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    We all think we are princes in our palaces, full of all sorts of abundances, untouchables, safe, neat... anodyne. We do not want anything to happen in our little world but happiness and joy, nothing that disturbs our peace and our comfort. We would like to never die. We all think we are princes in our palaces. Beyond its walls there is the chaos of the...

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    The Annunciation is perhaps the work that initiates a new artistic stage, more deeply inspired by the mythology, folklore and religious symbols of multiple cultures in multiple latitudes. This Annunciation cries out an unintelligible message, but as a declaration of intentions it is an ethos that is projected into the future yet to be unveiled.. Serial...

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