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    “Sincronías is not a “slice of life”, is life itself. Through time and space, life and death, mourning and hope, the characters from this graphic novel crosslink between each other constantly, sharing their concerns and longings. Through its pages the author analyzes what is and what is not important in our lifes. The most valuable thing about his...

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    This book is a compilation of the best pages of all the sketchbooks that I have filled during these years. The result of creative freedom and quitness (or not), just drawing for the sake of drawing, prime reason why I decided to make all this my profession. . 144 pages. . 15x21cm. . 3mm hardcover with black geltex cloth with debossed design. . 160grs...

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    The first comic about graffiti in Spain. Published by Montana Colors (La Troupe-El Inicio, 2006) and Panini Cómics with Montana Colors and GSA as sponsours (La Troupe#2, 2007). Published by Panini Comics France with a new title “Graffiti” in 2008. Counts with the collaboraion of 52 graffiti artists from Barcelona and Madrid like Kapi, Suso33, Xupet Negre,...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items