Sincronías (Graphic novel)

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“Sincronías is not a “slice of life”, is life itself. Through time and space, life and death, mourning and hope, the characters from this graphic novel crosslink between each other constantly, sharing their concerns and longings. Through its pages the author analyzes what is and what is not important in our lifes. The most valuable thing about his analysis is that there’s no conclusion, everything is possible and is something that the readers must find out by themselves. Sincronías is an audacious graphic novel where Aleix Gordo goes a step further in his career to show us a fresh and amazing picture about nowadays’ life.”.

Technical Features:

. Publisher: Panini Cómics.

. 96 pages (full color 135gr semimatt paper).

. Shinny fullcolor hardcover Publication date:2012.

. Language: Spanish.

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