La Troupe I - El Inicio (Comicbook)

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The first comic about graffiti in Spain. Published by Montana Colors (La Troupe-El Inicio, 2006) and Panini Cómics with Montana Colors and GSA as sponsours (La Troupe#2, 2007). Published by Panini Comics France with a new title “Graffiti” in 2008. Counts with the collaboraion of 52 graffiti artists from Barcelona and Madrid like Kapi, Suso33, Xupet Negre, Pez, Sawe, Nados, Kram, Gnyoand many others…


. Drawing and original idea: Aleix Gordo Hostau.

. Color & co-script writing: Javi Ruiz Chaler.

Technical features:

. Publisher: Montana Colors.

. 48 pages (Fullcolor 125gr semimatt paper).

. Full color shinny softcover.

. Date of publication: 2006.

. Language: Spanish.

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