The Lonely Prince (Print)

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We all think we are princes in our palaces, full of all sorts of abundances, untouchables, safe, neat... anodyne. We do not want anything to happen in our little world but happiness and joy, nothing that disturbs our peace and our comfort. We would like to never die. We all think we are princes in our palaces.

Beyond its walls there is the chaos of the unknown, the hostility of a world full of dangers. Out there we are just possibles, some victims, others, adventures. Out there everything is possible and as may be, suffering. There's no Life without suffering because suffering presupposes to demolish our princely palaces and crawl through dense jungles of uncertainty.

. Seried, numbered and signed artwork of 50 copies.

. 50x70cm.

.Two colors screenprint.

. 370grs Guarro Basik paper.

. Debossed dry seal.

. Authenticity certificate.

. Year of production: 2016.