Drakkar (Print)

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Collaborative work between Aleix Gordo Hostau and Joan Tarragó done for the Drakkar project in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016.
The concept of "Drakkar" is based on two main features, the drakkar as the type of boat that provided the Scandinavian people to explore new regions throughout the known and the unknown world, the adventure, new knowledge, new sharing, cultural exchange, and the drakkar as on of the most iconic symbols of the Scandinavian imaginary that combines its religion, its symbology, its social background and its arts and crafts.

. Seried, numbered and signed artwork of 50 copies (signed by the two artists).

. 40x50cm.

. One color screenprint.

. 370grs Guarro Basik paper.

. Year of production: 2016.

To know more about the Drakkar project please visit:


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